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Star Citizen PS4

It is these small details that make Star Citizen feel so realistic, and make it a rich experience. It is a good sign to see that kind of attention to detail.

Of course, there are all sorts of bugs right now. My boat does not sit on the landing platform as it Jitters violently like an epileptic seagull. When I climb the ladder to get back in it there is no sure way to get into the front seat instead of the back, and the only way to travel between the two is to leave the profession and try again. When I took off the ship begins to turn wildly to the left, out of control, until I drive on the right. Even the loading and output of the module is a proposal Arena hit-or-miss, more likely to fail on the desktop as it is to send in your own orbit.
With a week of test flights under my belt, I feel comfortable with the mechanics of flight. I am able to combat towers and effective evasive maneuvers, and even spent some time to close in through the superstructure of a space station. If checks are not bug, I can put my boat through the eye of a needle if I have to.

The next obvious step is to enter in the appropriate ring and engage in multiplayer battle. Wish me good luck.

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