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Mr Right 2016

Mr. Right is a 2015 American action-comedy romance film directed by Paco Cabezas and written by Max Landis. The film stars Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick, Tim Roth, James Ransone, Anson Mount, Michael Eklund and RZA. The film was released on April 8, 2016, by Focus World.
Martha (Anna Kendrick) is an extremely eccentric but kind-spirited woman who jettisons her boyfriend after he tactlessly brings another female into their love nest and then brazenly suggests a threesome. Elsewhere, Francis (Sam Rockwell) is dance-walking through a hotel and knocks on a door. A woman answers and Francis explains that he is the hit-man she hired to kill her law partner so she would own the firm outright, Francis puts on a red clown nose and tells her murder is wrong and shoots her dead. At the same time a professional hit squat are preparing to trap Francis in the hotel. Upon witnessing child-like banter and carelessness from the squad, Hopper (Tim Roth) (a chameleon hit-man and Francis’ old partner) stays in the surveillance van as he knows that Francis will easily handle the unprofessional, professional hit squad. Hopper listens to the squad be killed one by one as the audience sees the skill and anticipation of Francis. After the incident, Hopper takes a phone call from his bosses who inform him to use a new identity as an FBI agent and have arranged for him to partner with a local New Orleans police detective with directive to capture Francis.

The following day, Martha spends the morning at a pet store where her roommate works. Martha, being quirky, wears a cat ear headband while at the pet store. On the way home from the store, Martha stops at a convenience market. Francis, also in the market notices her quirkiness and is immediately drawn to her aura. After some witty banter, he asks her out on a date and they spend the next 10 hours walking and talking. Francis is very open with Martha but she assumes his tails are embellishments and not actually events. As they stroll through the zoo, Francis “feels” a hit-man’s glare and dances with Martha while evading the bullet streaming past them shot by the hit-man. They end up spending all night in bed just talking and cuddling.

The next morning, Francis wakes up and leaves Martha a note on her pillow she reads when she wakes to continue their date again that night. Martha is smitten and makes breakfast for her roommate who is skeptical of Francis. Later that night at a bar, Francis meets with Martha to continue their date night. While they are talking over drinks, Francis notices one of the hit-men from the squad he left alive who is there to kill him. Francis politely excuses himself from the table and walks outside; the hit-man follows him to the alley. They “dance” and Francis kills him. He returns to the table and explains to Martha he just had to kill a guy in the alley; she again thinks he must be joking.

At the same time, brothers from a mob family are hiding out in New Orleans. The younger brother has ambition, but lacks brains and skill; he convinces a local thug to join him in hiring the “hit-man with a clown nose,” who now has a reputation for killing the people who hire him. Thus, his plan is to hire the hit-man for his brother, who would be killed by Francis, so the younger brother could take charge of the family.

Francis takes Martha with him to the initial meeting for the hit-man job, but she stays in the car watching as Francis puts on a clown nose and kills the man who tried to hire him. Martha, now realizing Francis (whose name she doesn’t even know yet) has actually not been lying to him about his past, is freaked out by everything that’s happened. Francis comes back to the car and she asks him to take her home. They drive back to her apartment and a stunned Martha walks away in silence. Unbeknownst to Francis, they are followed back to Martha’s apartment by the thug, who then gives Martha’s address to the mob brothers who want revenge for killing their man at the meeting.

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