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While the action Crackdown door, unfortunately the story could not carry a bundle of sticks. The characters you choose to start with are totally interchangeable, which clearly proves the end, and the absence of an identifiable central character leaves a void. The story works only to open it wider hole. It exists only in the most basic form, merge action into a coherent whole. Let’s just say you would not buy this game for the exciting story and compelling characters. You buy to become a blind slave drooling in orb collection. And be very happy to do so.

Crackdown starts players off the hub Agency, a small island between the other three, with zero power and a simple choice of one of three cars, muscle car, an SUV and a truck cab. As you turn, so go the vehicles that transform into more powerful versions. The goal is to eliminate the enemy gangs and the ruling bosses to restore order in Pacific City, and you do brandishing two standard issue weapons and a grenade type and collection of enemy weapons at throughout the campaign. Weapons can be asked to produce points, you learn as you progress. Once stored there, they can be recovered fully charged. The game also offers three difficulty levels, hard, ruthless and psychotic. It is worth to start and finish your first game on hard, which is equivalent to average or normal. To change your game completely, skip to Psychotic, which becomes incredibly hard for a good way and very difficult.

Crackdown meat and potatoes consists of the clock and campaign modes, the latter being unlocked mini-games from the campaign. It is primarily a single-player experience, but Realtime Worlds heard the great call of Xbox fans and implemented cooperative play online for yourself and another to play simultaneously on Xbox Live or System Link either. Unfortunately, there is no local split-screen or play. Meaning, if there is only one copy of the game and a friend comes to play, no luck. It’s a shame, and there is no multiplayer mode.

But play cooperatively is an explosion. Players can jump in and out of the game with a friend at any time without restrictions, and if desired, players can complete the entire game together (collecting special achievement). The world is open for both players. Each player can play independently or join as a pair. The fight against another evil is fun, like running errands on foot and car. But it is the ability to speak simply by playing through the campaign is really the highest quality of all. In a masterful touch, players can collect orbs in the game the other independently of the other, which means there will never be a competition for orbs. Using Xbox Live, players can also check rankings for mini-races and time trials.

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