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Dead By Daylight Xbox 360

While Friday the 13th has gotten everybody’s attention following a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s not the only game providing murderous rounds of cat-and-mouse.

Dead By Daylight offers a promising way to kill or be killed while slasher fans wait for Jason Voorhees’ interactive outing. As four survivors try to outwit a monstrous murderer, Behavior’s asymmetrical multiplayer has a ton of potential, though balancing issues severely hold it back.

Four players take on the role of a survivor whose job is to repair five power generators and activate a switch that opens the gate to freedom. Their efforts are hampered by a fifth player, the killer, who needs to sacrifice as many victims as possible before they escape.

There are three killers to choose from, each with their own abilities. The Trapper finds and places bear traps that ensnare victims and deal damage. The Wraith cloaks itself, moving quickly and quietly but unable to do anything else without decloaking. Finally, the Hillbilly can lunge forward with a chainsaw, instantly knocking a target into a prone state should it connect.

One melee attack from a killer will injure a survivor, slowing them down and making them easier to track via blood loss. A second attack will send that player prone, allowing them to be picked up and carried off to a meathook. Meathooks are littered throughout each map, and once a player’s hooked, they’re stuck there waiting to be killed for good.

A hooked player can try to escape with a minimal chance of success or be instantly freed by any other player altruistic enough to risk a rescue. Should a player be stuck on a hook too long, spikes will attempt to execute them, forcing that player into a button-mashing struggle to keep a pointy death at bay.

Should a player escape the hook and get caught a second time, however, they’ll find no extra chances and quickly become a human pincushion.

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