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Presented in a 2D art style, hand-drawn, players can explore the world in search of new skills that will Indivisible Ajna to reach areas that were previously inaccessible. players will encounter on their quest heroes who will join Ajna and participate in Valkyrie Profile battle inspired party-based play.
A young girl with mysterious powers. It will recruit people to fight along side her as Incarnations. It can equip a variety of weapons to do battle with, and help overcome obstacles in the environment.
An archer from a nomadic tribe in a self discovery trip. acrobatically attack with a flurry of arrows.
A hermit studied shamanic arts with a tiger named Bom spirit in his lantern. It sends Bom to attack with fire strikes. It can also heal the group.
A veteran military commander now seeking to form a new generation. Attacks with Urumi, a flexible sword, ribbon-like, shredding enemies with a furious barrage of cuts.
The campaign has also been fixed, which means zero Lab would receive gifts if they have reached their initial goal of $ 1.5 million. This is usually not the case on Indiegogo, which allows projects to keep all funding they receive is the final tally. Given the restrictions, and the amount of money involved, this is an important moment both for the developer and his gift of service choice.

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