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The Culling full release Xbox360

For all of you fans of the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen, you can finally live out your fantasies of fending for yourself on a deadly island now that The Culling has entered Early Access even earlier than expected. In fact, you can start slaying your foes right this very minute.

Released this weekend through Steam Early Access, The Culling wears its inspirations proudly on its blood-splattered shoulder. Up to 16 players get dropped onto an island where they either have to fend for themselves or build an unsteady alliance with fellow players in order to survive.

On the island, you’ll have to find makeshift weapons or craft your own implements of destruction, including traps and more deadly doohickies than you can point a stick at. In fact, you could probably use that stick you’re pointing with as a weapon, too, so hang on to it for dear life.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper survival game without some aces in the hole. There are occasional firearms hidden across the island, though they come with limited ammo and make enough noise to draw a crowd. Still, when the other guy brings a pointing-stick to a gun fight, you’re likely to earn at least one small victory in this insane world.

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