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Launching a digital CCG against Blizzard’s behemoth is the equivalent of putting a new open world crime game up against GTA and hoping a couple of cool design ideas will be enough to carry the day. Optimistic. But Legends does have cool design ideas. Splitting the board into two lanes, one of which gives minions “cover” (Legends’ answer to “Stealth”) makes for complex board states and interesting decision making on many turns. The Rune system is also interesting because it creates a risk/reward tradeoff because the more health you lose, the more cards you draw as runes break. In theory, that should keep aggro decks in check. Theories are nice!

More contentious is the Prophecy system, which also relates to the runes breaking, and enables you to play the card drawn for free if it has correct keyword. That sort of swing was a little too much RNG for some Hearthstone refugees fleeing Yogg-Saron’s rein of terror and hoping to find safe harbour with Legends. One clear advantage Bethesda’s game does have over Blizzard’s is its ladder system, which has a safety net below each rank to prevent you falling too far and going into tilt frenzy. Which, as someone’s who’s wrestled with ladder anxiety, was certainly welcome. As a direct result, I climbed to Legend three seasons in row, the final time using my own janky Pilfer Monk deck.

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