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Unreal Tournament Xbox 360

Sniper Rifle – Vincent favorite weapon is the sniper rifle. Click the right mouse button and holding it zooms in a field in whatever you’re watching. Clicking the Home button triggers the gun. If you hit someone in the head, they die. Very deadly as long as no one finds you while you restrict something.

Minigun – Each game must have a plain old gun, and Unreal Tournament, which is the Minigun. Not much to explain here, it takes a lot of fastballs and very hurt anything they hit really bad. It is the secondary mode takes more bullets, but the fire is less precise.

Redeemer – The BFG Unreal Tournament. It takes a small nuke that will kill everyone in the room where it hits. The secondary mode lets you guide the missile you. I do not find that gun all that often, so my experience with it is limited. When I found I had a bad tendency to kill me. In the right hands if (read: not mine) This is the deadliest weapon in the game.

Pulse Blaster – This little cool gadget is a combination of Plasma Gun Lightning Gun and Quake. In its main gun mode, it triggers quick energy bolts tearing an enemy. In the secondary mode, it sends a continuous beam of energy that will drop an enemy in no time flat.

Chain saw – A small weapon beautiful hand that you can use to saw your enemies. main mode pushes the weapon swings of high fashion side to side. This is good for cutting people’s heads off.
Unreal is extremely smooth, and graphics while texturewise not as sharp as Quake III are impressive to say the least. Fortunately, amazing game level design quality more than make up for gaps in the overall appearance. My favorite levels all seemed to be designed by Cliff Bleszinski (which comes as no real surprise), but other levels like Fractal Reactor and Koos Galleon are as bright and offer a gaming experience that is fast and furious – the most important part of any action game.

While this may seem a little strange, the sound Unreal is really more effective in providing powerful gaming experience that its graphics are. When some great moments occur in the game – you get two or more killed in rapid succession, or you get five or more kills without being killed yourself, a Mortal Kombat as the voice announce your success to you. Two wins will quickly earn you a ‘DOUBLE KILL’ three gets you ‘MULTI KILL’ four, ‘ULTRA KILL “and five years, the elusive” MONSTER KILL! I find this effect be very addictive indeed …
The game works as it is supposed.

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